Hi there!

Well here we are, my first post on my own blog, how exciting. Welcome!

I should start by introducing myself, although I keep writing this and no matter how I phrase it I sound like I’m writing a dating profile, so let’s just embrace it.

I’m Hamilton, I’m 25 and I currently live in Edinburgh. I work full-time as a digital consultant, but in my spare time I love travelling, consuming food and drink in vast quantities, rearranging the furniture in my tiny flat and worrying about trying not to kill the abundance of plants that I own.

Some time ago I decided I wanted to start my own blog because I enjoy writing, but I wanted to write about something that I loved. I’ve since spent six months not writing anything because I’ve realised I’m heartless and love nothing. Things that I’m obsessed with however, include interior design, architecture, cooking, technology and exploring. So that’s what this blog is going to be about!

Please join me on this adventure as I give questionable advice, overshare details of my life and make lots of mistakes. I also enjoy haikus so you’re probably going to get a lot of those too.



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