Big announcement

For those or you reading this who know me personally, this won’t be a terribly exciting announcement, sorry. For those of you who don’t know me, get pumped and also please subscribe to this blog because I’m pretty sure even my mum doesn’t read it so I need all the validation I can get #ShamelessPlug.

Late last year I put in an application for a visa to go and live and work in Canada, I currently live in the UK. I found out earlier this year that my application was successful. So, big announcement alert: I am moving to Canada in September!

The best part of this is that my closest friend Abi (who also has a great blog which you should subscribe to) is moving with me! Abi has existed in my life for as long as I can remember, although she probably also existed before this. There is nobody I would rather be moving across the globe with so I am very excited.

At the moment we have one-way flights booked and six weeks of accomodation sorted. The rest is all a big unknown, but my current thoughts are that it will involve copius amounts of poutine, lots of ice hockey and a dusting of panic as we attempt to work everything out.

This isn’t the first time I’ve moved country, technically. Two years ago I moved from London in England up to Scotland in Edinburgh where I still live. However, I’m slightly sure that this doesn’t count and I’m very sure that moving to Canada will be vastly different.

All-in-all, while I’ll be sad to wave goodbye to my friends and family on this side of the pond, I cannot wait to move and start my new Canadian life.

I will be keeping this blog up to date with all my adventures leading up to and then living there, so stay tuned for that. Abi and I will also be doing a podcast of our lives together there which will be coming out soon.

Not sure how to end this other than to say, eh. (Sorry Canada)


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